What country in the world has the best main battle rifle and why?


Maybe Switzerland even tho you can´t call it a battle rifle since we do not go into battle.

This is my rifle from my compulsory military service. We keep them at home even once we#re done with military. It’s a SIG SG 550.

Why can it be considered one of the best army rifles ?

It is precise, durable and war-ready. In addition to single fire and fully automatic, the SG550 line also has a short fire setting, which fires three shots when the trigger is pulled. Bursts of fire can be controlled relatively well; the rifle does not have a tendency to break away in any particular direction.

The magazines are made of impact-resistant, transparent polymer plastic and are 30% lighter than magazines made of metal. The charge status is thus visible. The 20- and 30-round magazines can be linked practically without limits for quick magazine changes.

Another advance I like is: The SG 550 is an indirect gas pressure charger, the structure is almost identical to an AK 47. The gas pressure required for automatic reloading is not transmitted directly to the lock, but via a joint. This means that contamination from burned-off powder residues cannot penetrate further than the gas pipe.

Edit: Several versions of this rifle is in use in other countries too. In the United States the DEA SG 551 and 553, FBI SG 551, SWAT of the Capital Police SG 550. In Canada, it was available as a semi-automatic version and popular for hunting until it was classified as a prohibited firearm.

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